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Tango Team Motorsport ry goes on with the passion for rallying!

We are registered association from Finland working in motorsport worldwide. Our register number is 199.138. Here are the main tasks we are working with: 

Rally Pictures:

We provide thousands of pictures from the finnish national and international rallies and rally-sprints every year. The best ones are published in our gallery page. Hopefully you will like it! If you need Hi-res rally pictures, don´t hesitate to ask us. Our contacts can be found from the Members page.

Rally Video:

We provide a video material from the national and international rallies and ralli-sprints every year. We have produced and published several rallying DVD:s... onboard material and rally action/crash DVDs named Rolling Ford Garthes No Moss. Unfortunately we are not allowed to publish any WRC video material...too bad...we have lot´s of very spectating WRC material as well.

Rally Driving:

Our team has experience in rallying and racing for more than 15 years already. Many of our team members have been driving "jokamiesluokka"... finnish "rallycross where drivers compete with each others, not against time". Ari and Marko were in age of eleven when they bought their first car and started driving. They started to compete in age of 16 years. Marko Kytömäki has focused to rally and rally sprint events in national level now and take part 2-4 events a year. 24th Salpauselkä-ralli was the first rally event for Marko in 17th of October 2009. Antti Ahonen was co-driving Marko in this event.

Rally Tourism and Rally Guidance:

Tango Team Motorsport arrange some rally trips into some international events every year. We have been involved in rally guidance as well. We have gathered some good contacts and we have co-operation with some companies that are working in WRC business. 

We are looking for more contacts and co-operators as well. Don´t hesitate to ask if you are interested to ask about our rally tourism and rally guidance or about co-operating with us in some level.

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