Tango Team History

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Tango Team Motorsport history

Year 2013: We had a engine failure in mid of winter season so we missed the rallies we were expected to take part. This is what motorsport can be sometimes... it takes lot of effort to take part rallies when driving old Escort :) In May we had one rally and we finished the rally even with a millions of problems in event. Then we got the bad news again and the Doctor said NO for rallying for Marko until the end of the year because of back injuries he had. Rally season was finished then in May already :( We travelled to WRC Finland and WRC Germany again and got lot of great material as every year. We try to get the Rolling Ford Gathers No Moss 6 DVD ready in early 2014 as the autumn has been too busy for video editing for us.

Year 2012: Marko and Antti took part only two rallies this year. Its was a extremely busy year for all of us. Lot of work and travelling for work. Harri has been in Italy and Ari in China and Japan so we have had a lack of machanics etc :)  Lot of technical challengies we had this season and we retired both of the rally events. Suspension of Escort has been rebuild this year and next it´s time to focus on engine and ingition again. We had a great rally trips to WRC Germany and Finland as every year. Also its been nice to meet a lot of new rally people this year from Catalunya and Germany. Lot of great quality video material we got so we have focuced more on video than pictures this year. The best action clips has been collected to new DVD called Rolling Ford Gathers No Moss 4+5. Let us know if you are interestd to see it.

Year 2011: This year has been totally different for us. Good Friend of us, the great member of our team, the great mechanic, Kimmo Tuominen passed away in 10th of May in age of 32. We want to thank you Kimmo for all that time we had with you. So many great memories we have left... and so much it hurts. Sorrow makes us speechless! We will miss you Good Friend of us all...you always had time for us. We would pay anything to get you back in here with us.

About rallying...Marko have been too busy for rallying and next events for him will be in season 2012. Marko and his family moved from Espoo to Järvenpää and there is a garage for rallying and team purposes too. We filmed WRC Finland and WRC Germany and many national events as well.

Year 2010: Lot of action was seen this year. Marko and Antti took part Peurunkaralli that was the first winter rally for Marko. Winter season contained Peurunkaralli and three rallysprint events. In HemiMotors rallysprint Marko rolled his Ford heavily and hit few trees. Lot of work was done before the next event Lahti Rallisprint in September. We had great rally filming trips to IRC event located in Madeira and WRC events in Finland and Germany. New Rolling Ford Gathers No Moss Vol2 international DVD is done now. Nice action during the year we got on DVD!   

Year 2009: Marko took part in 3 rallysprint events...and took part in Salpausselkä Ralli in October. Marko painted his Ford to lime-green and white. Also web-pages got the same colour. Aki and Harri had a rally tour in Mille Miglia rally in Italy. Neste Oil rally was absolutely fabulous as every year. What a great pictures and video we got once again. Tango Team produced several motorsport DVD:s this year. Two of the DVD:s we started to sell to support our team. 

Year 2008: Tango Team Motorsport ry got registered as a association finally. Marko Kytömäki is a chairman for this team in 2008. Harri Pylkkänen is our vice-chairman and secretary...and Antti Ahonen is our fund manager. Jani and Antti are back in rally routes after few year break. Marko had three rally sprint events with his Ford Escort RS 2000. We visited WRC events in Germany and in Finland and had co-operation with A&S Vip Tours concerning these two rallies. Our team member Harri Pylkkänen won the Neste Oil Rally photo competition of Jouni Arolainen...and got a ride with Ford Focus WRC driven by Jonne. Well done Harri.  Thank you CLO racing about this great opportunity to see a WRC live and even got a ride :)

Year 2007: New web-pages were created by Harri Pylkkänen. Tango Team was focused to produce digi- and videomaterial during this season. Several rallies were filmed this year. Most of them are national rallies, but we travelled in Europe too. Neste Oil rally Finland, ADAC rallye Germany and RACC rally Catalonya were part of our plan. Pics of those races are found from our international Gallery. We also got opportunity to meet SWRT in rally Germany thanks to A&S Vip tours. Marko got some more experience for rallying with Ford this year. Our team got some great attension when Tango Team took part in Neste Oil Rally Picture competition organised by the Finnish Ralliradio. Totally more than 1400 pictures wese send to competition and photo taken by Marko managed to place in third position.

Year 2006: Tango Team Motorsport - was created. We added international section to our pages. All the jokkis cars were sold away and we used our full energy to rallying. We created pages for rallying worldwide. We had some great experiences with rallying in Finland and in some WRC-races. It became a big part of Tango Team. We decided to produce pics and digivideos in the future. Marko bought his first rally car, Ford Escort for group F.

Year 2004: Tango Team increased its visibility. Our cars were painted orange again with two white stripes all over the car. New web-pages were done with the same colours. We got new server for pages. www.tangoteam.com was created. Harri Pylkkänen started to race at jokkis and endurance. Harri´s first race at jokamiesluokka were at Pieksämäki with Antti´s Volvo 343. Harri finally managed to drive throught the bushes into forest near by. He also got some endurance races with Opel Coupe Kadett. We bought a Toyota Starlet for training use for the members of Team. 2004 Tango Team won the second price at Neste Rally Finland rally picture competition organised by the Finnish Ralliradio. More than 2500 pictures took part in this competition.

Year 2000: Our very firts web-pages were seen at the server of University of Jyväskylä. We started to share digi-pics and video from national rallies at our pages. Our pages become one of the most famous page at universitys server at that time.

Year 1999: We took a name Tango Team in use. At our studying time we managed to get more members for action. Antti Ahonen from Pertunmaa joined the team as a driver. We painted our team´s cars blue and white. Antti and Marko bought together Volvo 343 for jokkis races. After trimming this EVO1 Volvo Antti had his first race at Anjalankoski. Racing at jokamiesluokka was fun and we had some great races. Jani Lammela bought Toyota Starlet for rallying. Rallying was now also part of our Team´s action. Also some friends joined the team as supporters and mechanics. We also used to have some fun in many ways with our team.

Year 1994: Ari and Marko got the licenses for jokamiesluokka. They got help from their parents and from the local motorsport hero called Jukka Matilainen. Marko bought his first racing car, Fiat 850 TC 1600 and Ari bought Volvo 142. They joined the local motorsport club called Mäntyharjun Moottorikerho. Cars were painted orange as there were used to do at the club at that time. There were also placed text Putte´s Motor into cars both sides. Marko had his first race at Kouvola. Gearbox got broken before start..only third gear was left but still Marko almost managed to get car rolled. Ari had his first race at Luumäki and got the podium place at his first race.

Year 1989: Some youngsters from Mäntyharju city finded out that motorsport was more fun than football or other hobbies. They say that we were born with gasolin instead of blood. Ari Siitarinen and Marko Kytömäki bought they first car at the age of eleven. They had a circuit at the field of Marko's parents. They also used to drive circle around the tiny hill. Thanks to their parents and neigbours as well they had a great opportunity to learn to drive a car. Their first car was Fiat 850, that was bought from Kutemajärvi.

Rallying is hard!!!

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