Neste Oil Rally Finland

Submitted by tango on Mon, 2009-04-27 22:07.

Tango Team Motorsport goes WRC event: Rally Finland

Neste Oil Rally Finland (better known as 1000 Lakes Rally many years ago) is very well known for our team members. We have been there so many times that it´s hard to remember even if the event is so spectacular. Legendary stages has been included every year…Ouninpohja, Juupajoki, etc. So impressive event. Full speed high jumps between the big trees. It´s not so hard to understand why we have so many Flying Finns in Finland. Nice athmosphire and landscapes…1000 lakes rally and lot´s of action as bonus. You can read some more about Tango Team rally trips in Neste Oil Rally Finland as spectator point of view by choosing a year from the left side of the page.

kuva Marko Kytömäki

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