RallyRacc Catalunya

Submitted by tango on Mon, 2009-04-27 22:15.

Tango Team Motorsport goes WRC event: Rally Spain

Our team has travelled to Spain into RallyRACC Catalunya twice…and now we are planning to go there in 2009 once again. Maybe it´s a good idea to get a flyight to Barcelona and rent a car. Maybe one or two days in Barcelona…then four days in rally event close to city of Salou that is the central place for the rally. Salou is a nice small city and it´s quite cheap to get a hotel in October. Many of the stages are driven twice as in many rallies nowadays. There are some tricky places on stages as well…also it´s easy to go to the stages and to find spectacular views. It´s easy to get good vantage point and you can see the rally car even more than two minutes at one vantage point. You can read about Tango Team rally trips in RallyRACC Catalunya as spectator point of view by choosing a year from the link bar on the left side of the page.

kuva Marko Kytömäki

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