Tango Team Motorsport goes downhill event Subida de Juncalillo, Gran Canaria, 23.02.2013

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It was a cloudy cold winter day in Finland when Marko and his family thought it´s time to say hello for the sun after having a long, cloudy, dark and cold winter in Finland.


kuva Marko Kytömäki

They decided to have a holiday in Gran Canaria island, city of Maspalomas in Spain. The original idea was just to spend time with the family at the pool and enjoy the sun and relax. 

Marko mentioned about this holiday plan to Aki and soon we had a great new plan B to go with family to the hill climb rally event at that time located in small village named Juncalillo, Gran Canaria.

OK it was not so easy to get the family interested to spend one day in rally instead of swimming in the pool and having fun. Marko explained that its beautiful areas in Gran Canaria that we can see only if we take a rental car and drive to Juncalillo at least for few hours. Ok plan B got approved.

We had a flight on 20th Feb to Gran Canaria and drove by bus to Maspalomas. We had few days time to relax and enjoy the very nice weather before the rally day. Not too much sightseeing there was in Maspalomas so it was perfect as a real holiday.

We took a rental car from Playa Del Ingles at Friday evening… well it was Opel. Our 6 years old Boy Esko said we will be in trouble as it´s Opel !!!

kuva Marko Kytömäki


Saturday morning 23th Feb we had an wake up and we got breakfast with us from the hotel. According to the map the road to Juncalillo looked very slow and narrow and long way and equipped with millions of tight bends.

Well this was true. The island is full of mountains so we had no choice but try to drive the “small” roads and try to find the place. We left the hotel at 7 AM and it really took hours to get to Juncalillo this way. We drove road GC-60 from Maspalomas via Fataga and San Bartolome de Tirajana. Then we turned to Artenara… then drove to Las Hoyas… and finally we really find the small village of Juncalillo. We were actually pretty surprised as the area was full of spectator cars and all roads were blocked already. Ok it took so long time to get there that we had to hurry up to get on time to the stage. Now we just had to find some place to park the car... or let me say Opel in this case. The area was “full” so we had no choice but drive to service area and park Opel there next to the rally cars.


Before the event at home we were trying to find in-car material of the stage but there was no video available. The best tool to get the idea of the stage was then google map. We found nice corners and had map printed.


We took very fast few video shots of the service area… there were very different kind of cars that we are used to see in rally events in Finland like Alfa Romeos, M5 BMW etc. Few extremely nice looking Ford Escort MK2 we saw… Awesome!!!

kuva Marko Kytömäki

The first corners of the stage were very growded and it was not so easy to find a place to see the stage well and to get a nice video. The first historic cars had the first round just to make the pace notes so they drove very slowly. Then the real rally cars started the event and the surface of the tarmac was very slippery. It was a rainy and cold day at top of the mountain. But ok the wet tarmac caused broblems to the drivers so we saw one spin and got nice video too of many nice slides with very powerful BMWs and Ford Escorts etc. Local people were very surprised to see us… the true rally fans from Finland there in Juncalillo hillclimb event. People were nice and we had nice chat with the local rally fans there.


The first round was nice but not so many cars took part the event… maybe about 50-60 cars totally so the first round was finishded soon. The stage was about 4 km long and the drivers drove back to service area thru the same stage slowly. It was nice for the spectators to see the cars very close and to have pictures with the cars as many stopped to the growded areas for short time to take pictures and have short chat with the drivers there. The same way we have had few rally sprint events in Finland years ago.


We walked one km more to see one corner that looked tricky on google map. It was corner to left that narrows slightly. The scenery of the area was just perfect and we climbed to the top of the mountain before the start of the second round.

The second round started and the tarmac was now very dry and the grip was perfect. The drivers had no problems in this corners as they just drove thru in the middle of the road actually. One red Corolla had nice slide + few more nice drive we saw. Maybe the most scary drive was number 0-car driver as he drove flat out with some VW without any helmet, rolling cage etc. The weather in mountains was very cold even if the sun was shining nicely.. but ok stil it was maybe +15 as we had -20 degrees in Finland at that time J Small mistake we made before the rally as we only had breakfast with us and finally had no time to go to any “supermarket” (there were few small shops)  so we were really hungry. There were no food or drinks to buy in event… we were expecting to find something there too but not this time.


For the third and the last round we walked maybe 500 metres more to see the corner to right and then slow left narrows… then 100 left narrows slightly. This was the corner that looked the most difficult from driver point of view I feel.

Historic cars had no action and they drove very safely here. Then the real rally cars came and it was more fun finally. Nice slides we saw in both corners to left. It was nice atmosphere here and lot of spectators too. Few cars had a small close call and they were sliding close to wall.


Ok the race was over and we drove back to Maspalomas. We made a decision to use any other roads that we used when we arrived to Juncalillo via Artenara. All the other spectators left the area to North so we followed them and find easily the fastest way to highway to Las Palmas. Then it was highway from Las Palmas to Masplomas so this route was definitely faster… and no millions of tight “serpo” corners J. Lessons learned… do not always try to find the shortest way on map but try to find the fastest way! The race was nice very small event but still very nice atmosphere they had there.  It was very close to the feeling that I had on my mind before the rally… how legendary hillclimb event in Gran Canaria would look like.

Who knows if some day we go there for Rally Maspalomas or ERC event El Corte Inglés.


Here is the link into event web-page



Also if interested go to our video page to see 4 videos of the event.



-Tango Team Motorsport-

kuva Marko Kytömäki

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